The Best Winter Window Treatments to Keep You Cozy

Buying shades is a tricky art. Depending on the location, orientation, and climate of your home, your needs will be completely specific to your living situation. When the winter months come, will you need heat, light, or both? Nu-View Custom Window Treatments has a wealth of options tailored to your needs. Here are a few of the best options for the winter months.

Cellular Shades

These shades are a particularly effective form of insulation. They are designed with small air pockets running between several layers of fabric, which are temperature stable and trap a remarkable amount of heat inside. If you have these shades installed, keep an eye on your thermostat. You’ll likely want it on less often in the future!

Pleated Shades

A cost-effective and versatile option, pleated shades are a popular choice for many homeowners. These shades are composed of a single-layered fabric that naturally folds in pleats as you retract the shade. They are thin, light, and let in a lot of natural sun, perfect for letting in the last of the rays in the darker winter months

Roman Shades

These shades are a single layer of fabric elegantly folded over itself, that drops naturally as it is lowered in front of the window. Superlative privacy and heat insulation are the primary benefits of these fashionable shades. 

Wood Blinds

Blinds made of wood are often chosen for their aesthetic value. They can really bring together the look of a room, but they are valuable for their insulating properties as well. Nu-View stocks a menagerie of wooden blinds and shutters, perfect for a wide selection of styles and homes.

Roller Shades

One of the classics, roller shades are compact and a breeze to use. Rolling up into a discreet tube, these shades take up minimal space and come in blackout and sheer versions, perfect for creating lighting consistency in houses with many different windows and natural light levels. 

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