Benefits to Adding Blinds in Your Home

Blinds are a wonderful addition to any room. They let light in or keep light and heat out and they can be raised or lowered to change the atmosphere entirely. They’re decorative and dramatic.

You will enjoy them even more if you keep them clean. When the sun shines in, your housekeeping skills are on display. Dust motes are always visible in bright light.

How do we keep the blinds neat and in their best working order? We suggest you dust them at least once a week. Cleaning tip: Close the blinds and dust in the direction of the slats. A soft cloth or a duster (feather or microfiber) should do the job.

Cleaning should be a consideration before purchase and installation. If you’re not keen on wielding a dust cloth, you might want to consider something other than a blind with slats.

The simplest to clean are cellular shades, which possess anti-static and dust-repelling properties. Use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to make a gentle pass across the fabric to pick up any dust.

Keeping the blinds clean is also important if you like to have your windows open. Summer and fall can be vicious times for allergy sufferers, and you will certainly see pollen accumulating on blinds if you’ve been letting in fresh air. Rather than sneeze endlessly, get a cloth on those blinds, clean them well, and then rinse the cloth.

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