Blinds vs. Shades: Which Is Better?

If you’re looking to buy new window coverings, the first step is choosing between blinds or shades. While both cover your windows, blinds are hard coverings made with horizontal slats, while shades are made of fabric. So which do you pick? Here are some features to help you decide:


Blinds can be wiped down easily with a soft cloth. But if shades get dirty, you’ll need to use a vacuum, or gently spot clean with warm water. And any serious grime will require professional cleaning. So if your window treatments are going in a high traffic area, blinds might be the better choice.

Privacy + Light Control

Blinds have slats that can tilt for adjustable light control. Shades on the other hand, only have two options, open or closed. So the choice between blinds and shades should be fairly clear, depending on how much control you want on letting in light. 


Since blinds are made from hard materials like wood, pvc and aluminum, they hold up better to and tear. If you want to use shades in a high traffic area, you should consider if they might be snagged by passers-by.


Shades are much more customizable than blinds. You can find them with upgraded fabric collections, fabric wrapped valances, fabric fold styles, fabric liners and lift systems. The most customization you’ll see with blinds is how much light you can let into a room.

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