Beat the Heat & Save Money with Window Treatments

While window treatments can heighten your home’s sense of character and personality, they can do so much more. With a little forethought, your window treatments can help you beat the heat, too! Go about it the right way, and you’ll be living in coolness and comfort while saving some money, too!

At Nu View Custom Window Treatments, we’re happy to help customers find the perfect accents for their home. Saving theme extra money in the long run is an added bonus! According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), more than 76% percent of the hot summer sun that shines through your windows becomes heat. Choosing energy efficient window treatments like blinds and solar window shades can go a long way towards minimizing your energy bills.


Both vertical and horizontal window blinds are particularly effective at cutting down the heat gain your windows may let in during the summer months. Although you may balk at the idea of closing your blinds during the day – after all, who doesn’t love sunny weather? – you can adjust horizontal slat-type blinds to reflect sunlight onto ceilings painted with light colors. This helps the light diffuse throughout the interior of your home without adding to troublesome glare or heat.


Almost any type of window shade is effective for reducing heat gain from sunlight, given that they are not just for decoration. Interior shades, exterior shades, solar shades, pleated shades – all of these can effectively reduce heat gain and save on cooling costs. Heavier fabrics and more opaque materials will naturally be better for this purpose. This goes without mentioning the added privacy, security, and window protection shades can provide!

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3 Simple Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and that means your energy bill is going to go up. However, keeping cool this summer is easier and more affordable than you think. These clever tips can help slash your cooling bill while keeping you comfortable.

Turn on a Fan

Simultaneously running a fan along with your air conditioner is another great cost effective way to lower your cooling fees. Fans can help your house feel cooler by evaporating sweat and moving heat away from your body, which can make it feel up to six to seven degrees cooler when combined with an air conditioning unit. This allows your air conditioner to be more effective and lets you get away with running the unit at a higher temperature.

Avoid the Kitchen

Your appliances can contribute a lot to the temperature inside your home. If you wish to greatly reduce indoor heat during the summer, then avoiding the use of kitchen appliances such as a stove or oven can definitely help. Cooking outside on the grill, eating cool foods like salads or wraps, and ordering delivery/takeout can make your house feel much cooler.

Block the Sun with Window Treatments

The most effective way to save money on cooling costs is to install the right window treatments. The proper window treatments can prevent heat from getting into your apartment in the first place by blocking sunlight from entering through your windows. It’s possible for window treatments to reduce heat gain in your house by up to 45%, which saves you money on your cooling bill every year.

To optimize the effectiveness of window treatments, hang shades, blinds, and other window treatments as close to your windows as possible

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