What Are Energy Efficient Window Treatments?

Due to climate change, we can anticipate hotter and more humid summers every year, as well as colder and more severe winters. It’s become clear that we need to be more efficient with how we utilize our energy and resources. So why not start with your home? You can immediately save energy by purchasing energy-efficient window coverings.

How energy efficient window treatments work

Energy efficient window coverings provide insulation by blocking out the solar heat gain. Direct sunshine during the summer may raise your home’s temperature by 33%. However, you may substantially reduce this by utilizing drapes or any other energy-efficient window coverings. In colder regions, you can also reduce heat loss through windows 10% by using energy efficient window coverings.

Some of these energy-efficient window coverings use triple weave materials to keep heat in during the winter and cool air inside throughout the summer. Other, such as honeycomb shades, use air pockets to block the heat or reduce heat loss during the winter by restricting outside entry. On a scorching day, some utilize a fabric that absorbs or reflects solar radiation, keeping the room temperature cooler.

Who should get energy efficient window treatments?

People with Larger Windows

Large windows provide a beautiful view of the outside world. They also allow a lot of energy to escape through them. As a result, huge windows raise the room temperature considerably. Window coverings that are energy efficient are essential for large windows.

People with High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are driving you crazy, it’s time to switch to energy-efficient window coverings. It’s because more heat insulation on your windows might result in less reliance on air conditioners for maintaining a pleasant temperature.

People Who Experience Extreme Weather

Weather is becoming more and more extreme, be it summer or winter. Energy efficient window coverings help to tackle this issue to some extent. They help keep the extreme heat out and reduce energy loss during winters.

Are energy efficient window treatments worth buying?

Yes, window coverings can be energy-efficient in many cases, especially if utilized correctly. They are a cost-effective investment that will improve your quality of life while also making your house more pleasant to live in.

There are many different window coverings to look at. If you’re still undecided about which sort of window coverings to select, Nu-View Custom Window Treatments will be delighted to assist you! Contact us today for more information about the different custom blinds and shades we offer!

The Best Window Treatments for a Vacation Home

When you decide to convert your property into a vacation home, you want the window coverings to be beautiful yet durable enough to survive frequent use by several people. Otherwise, much of your time and money will be lost from continual repairs and replacements. Here are some affordable and stylish options:

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds give a high-end appearance and are also extremely long-lasting. Most importantly, they’re constructed of polymer materials, which make them resistant to UV radiation. This feature not only saves energy but also prevents your furniture from sun damage.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the solution if your property has sliding doors! These provide privacy and light control, and still allow a full view outside. They are sturdy, so they can withstand heat and humidity in hot and humid places. Vertical blinds come in a wide range of colors and materials, making them an affordable yet efficient window covering for a vacation house.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a cost-effective and attractive window covering. They come in a variety of colors and designs, as well as with full personalization options. Because of this, they’re the finest low-cost window blinds for a rental. Roller shades are simple to operate and provide excellent light control. They’re also available in cordless form, which makes them safe for children.

Polywood Shutters

Polywood shutters are a great choice for a rental because they resist a variety of threats compared to other window coverings over time. They are resistant to moisture, UV rays, extreme temperatures, and insects. This means you won’t have to worry about splitting, fading, or discoloration regardless of the weather that they’re exposed to.

The right window coverings can make your vacation home look amazing. The Nu-View Custom Window Treatments team can help you find the best window treatments for your rental property. Contact us today for more information about the different custom blinds and shades we offer!

The Most Popular Window Treatments Trends You’ll See in 2022

With 2021 happily behind us, many homeowners are looking forward to the new year with wonder what homelife will look like. Last year, families spent a lot of time at home, causing many to rethink the design, décor, and layout of their homes. Here are some design trends you can expect to see for the new year:

Earthy neutral tones

Natural hues will be taking over the color palette for many homes this year. Shades of greens, beige, and greys with warm undertones will blend well with another popular trend of lighter wood tones. 

Family-friendly options

Since the whole family has actually been home more, including the kids playing inside, homeowners are making sure their furnishings are comfortable and durable. Composite shutters are a great kid-friendly option that’s easy to keep clean and roller shades are cordless making them good for pets too.

Convenience and comfort

Another trend you’ll see in 2022 is a shift towards automation and making things more convenient. Motorized shades and custom drapes are the perfect option here. Custom draperies can help block heat, light, and sound, to make your home more peaceful. Plus motorized shades can open or close with a remote or smartphone app.

The Nu-View Custom Window Treatments team can help you find the best window treatments for the new year. Contact us today for more information about the different custom blinds and shades we offer!

Best Window Treatments for Pet Owners

There’s nothing worse than installing new window treatments only to have your pets destroy them a day later. Choosing the right pet-friendly window coverings can seem like a daunting task, especially with puppies and kittens. Here’s what you should know:


  • Wood blinds are sturdier than vinyl or aluminium and the large slats allow for a viewing area for your pet.
  • Vertical blinds can allow pets to easily slip through and they’re not as fun to chew on. They’re better on larger windows, though, or even covering sliding doors.


  • Roller shades are another good choice as they don’t have gaps between the slats. This way pets can slip behind them without causing damage.
  • Roman shades also work as they can be made without any cords, and are one piece of fabric. So there aren’t any slats to stick heads, paws, or bodies through. 


  • Generally drapes and curtains are a no go, especially if you have a cat or two. Cats might want to climb up them, and they’ll attract a good deal of pet hair. 

The Nu-View Custom Window Treatments team can help you figure out the best options for your windows. Contact us today for more information about the different custom blinds and shades we offer!

Why Should You Choose Cordless Blinds?

Blinds are an exceptional way to bring flair to a room and offer lots of lighting flexibility, but they can often be a hassle to manipulate and manage. At Nu-View we’ve recently seen an increase in the popularity of cordless shades and blinds, no doubt due to their many benefits over traditional blinds. Below are some of the benefits that matter most to our customers, and may be important for you!


Many customers enjoy the clean look of cordless blinds over typical corded ones. The loss of the hanging cord on one side of every window allows for a much cleaner silhouette, and it really helps preserve the uninterrupted view of larger windows. Plus, many of the newer cordless options have very sleek modern designs, which are becoming increasingly popular. If you value style above all else, cordless options are practically a must.


You might be wondering, if there isn’t a cord then how do you actually manipulate the shades? There are a variety of different mechanisms that have sprung up to replace the tired cord system. Some shades use spring tension, similarly to pull down projector screens. Others rely on locking bolts in the bottom bar of the shade, raise or lower it to the height you desire and then push in a small button to lock the shades in place. Whatever cordless blind you decide on, you can bet it will be easy to use and you won’t have to worry about any cord tangling.


This is the biggest factor for many customers, especially those with pets and young children. Cords have been a safety hazard of blinds since their invention, snaring curious hands and heads and resulting in injury and occasionally death. For parents concerned about the safety of their children, cordless options are a great way to completely bypass any danger. 

To learn more about Nu-View Custom Window Treatments and our professional window services, call 708-989-1180 or contact us online today!

Care for Your Shutters With These 5 Easy Tips

Shutters are a great window treatment option for blocking the light and enhancing the look of your home decor. However, dusty and grimy shutters can have the opposite effect. Caring for your shutters keeps them looking aesthetic. Luckily it’s easy to care for your shutters with a few easy steps, here are some tips to help you get started. 

Use the Right Cleaning Products 

Shutters can vary in make and material, from vinyl and aluminum to wood and real wood, to name just a few. Some cleaning products can cause unwanted effects if used on certain types of materials so make sure to do a little bit of research beforehand. 

Regularly Wipe Away Dust

The best way to maintain your shutters is actually one of the easiest. To keep your shutters looking new, all you really have to do is regularly wipe off the dust. Use a clean cotton cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe between the individual slats of your shutters. You can also use a damp cloth to help remove dirt buildup.

Increase Dust Resistance

A simple trick for keeping your shutters dust-free is to give it a wipe with a dryer sheet after each dusting. The anti-static properties of the dryer sheet will help repel dust and lead to fewer cleanings. You can also use a cloth sprayed with anti-static spray, which is perfect for aluminum, vinyl, painted wood, and faux wood shutters. 

Since 1986, Nu-View Custom Window Treatments has provided the Chicago metropolitan  area and upper Midwest with attractive and affordable window treatments. We provide full warranties for all our products. Trust in Nu-View Custom Window Treatments, Inc. to provide affordable and beautiful set of window treatments with quality, professional service. Contact us today at 800-244-6981.

Beat the Heat & Save Money with Window Treatments

While window treatments can heighten your home’s sense of character and personality, they can do so much more. With a little forethought, your window treatments can help you beat the heat, too! Go about it the right way, and you’ll be living in coolness and comfort while saving some money, too!

At Nu View Custom Window Treatments, we’re happy to help customers find the perfect accents for their home. Saving theme extra money in the long run is an added bonus! According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), more than 76% percent of the hot summer sun that shines through your windows becomes heat. Choosing energy efficient window treatments like blinds and solar window shades can go a long way towards minimizing your energy bills.


Both vertical and horizontal window blinds are particularly effective at cutting down the heat gain your windows may let in during the summer months. Although you may balk at the idea of closing your blinds during the day – after all, who doesn’t love sunny weather? – you can adjust horizontal slat-type blinds to reflect sunlight onto ceilings painted with light colors. This helps the light diffuse throughout the interior of your home without adding to troublesome glare or heat.


Almost any type of window shade is effective for reducing heat gain from sunlight, given that they are not just for decoration. Interior shades, exterior shades, solar shades, pleated shades – all of these can effectively reduce heat gain and save on cooling costs. Heavier fabrics and more opaque materials will naturally be better for this purpose. This goes without mentioning the added privacy, security, and window protection shades can provide!

Ready to conquer the summer heat and slash your energy bills? Discover how Nu View Custom Window Treatments can serve you today! To learn more, contact us online or call us at 1-800-244-6981 now.

3 Simple Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and that means your energy bill is going to go up. However, keeping cool this summer is easier and more affordable than you think. These clever tips can help slash your cooling bill while keeping you comfortable.

Turn on a Fan

Simultaneously running a fan along with your air conditioner is another great cost effective way to lower your cooling fees. Fans can help your house feel cooler by evaporating sweat and moving heat away from your body, which can make it feel up to six to seven degrees cooler when combined with an air conditioning unit. This allows your air conditioner to be more effective and lets you get away with running the unit at a higher temperature.

Avoid the Kitchen

Your appliances can contribute a lot to the temperature inside your home. If you wish to greatly reduce indoor heat during the summer, then avoiding the use of kitchen appliances such as a stove or oven can definitely help. Cooking outside on the grill, eating cool foods like salads or wraps, and ordering delivery/takeout can make your house feel much cooler.

Block the Sun with Window Treatments

The most effective way to save money on cooling costs is to install the right window treatments. The proper window treatments can prevent heat from getting into your apartment in the first place by blocking sunlight from entering through your windows. It’s possible for window treatments to reduce heat gain in your house by up to 45%, which saves you money on your cooling bill every year.

To optimize the effectiveness of window treatments, hang shades, blinds, and other window treatments as close to your windows as possible

Since 1986, Nu-View Custom Window Treatments has provided the Chicago metropolitan  area and upper Midwest with attractive and affordable window treatments. We provide full warranties for all our products. Trust in Nu-View Custom Window Treatments, Inc. to provide affordable and beautiful set of window treatments with quality, professional service. Contact us today at 800-244-6981.