The Benefits of Interior Shades | Nu-View Custom Window Treatments

Interior shades are becoming an increasingly popular option for window treatments. There are many reasons why you should consider interior shades over traditional window treatments. Here are some of the benefits interior shading offers:

Protection from harmful light

If your has large windows, then you know the importance of window treatments when it comes to blocking out the sun’s rays. Too much exposure the the sun’s UV rays can be harmful for your skin. Interior shades are designed to block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays. Interior shades also have the added benefit of preventing glare and prevent interior fading.

Interior shades save you money

Interior shades can help you save money by significantly reducing the indoor temperature of your home. When the sun’s rays enter your home through your window, a greenhouse effect is created. In the summer the excess sunlight can cause a significant increase to your indoor temperature. Interior shading prevents that effect from blocking the sun’s rays from ever entering your home.

Interior shades increase privacy

Your family’s privacy is important, especially If you live in a highly populated area or in close proximity to neighbors. The design of interior shades prevent onlookers from peering in, making it a great addition for rooms that require more privacy such as bathrooms and bedrooms.


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