How to Pick the Right Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

Deciding on the right window treatments for your kitchen is a major decision when designing your kitchen. Window treatments are a major decorating factor in the style and look of your kitchen. To help you decide, we’ve come up with a few questions to help you determine what kind of window treatments are right for you.

Will My Window Treatment Match the Decor?

Matching your window treatments to your decor should be one of the most important factors in determining what style of window treatments you should get. Window treatments that compliment your cabinets, countertops and flooring can make your kitchen look matching and complete. If you have curtains, a more neutral color such as white, beige or cream might be a good choice. If you have decorative molding, matching the color of your window treatments to your molding would be a good choice to create balance and contrast.

How Much Light Do I Want in My Kitchen?

How much natural lighting you want to have in your kitchen and eating areas is also an important factor in determining what type of window treatments you should choose. If you wish to maximise the amount of natural lighting in your kitchen, then light colored shades and blinds might be the right choice for you. Alternatively if you want your kitchen to be completely blacked out from the sun, then black solar shades would be the right choice. A good in-between if you wish for a happy medium between natural sunlight and darkness would be wood blinds that can be adjusted to allow or block out light.

How Much Privacy Would I Like?

If you value your privacy, that can be a big determinant in what kind of window treatments you should choose for your kitchen. If you have nosy neighbors or simply wish to have more privacy in your kitchen, a more private option such as blackout shades may be the right choice over blinds that can allow wandering eyes to look inside.

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