Tips on How to Clean Window Blinds

Cleaning your shades is something some people will overlook. It is important to occasionally clean your blinds otherwise it can bring unwanted creatures into your home or cause the air circulation to not be as it should be. Here are a few tips on how to clean your blinds.

  1. It is easy to get rid of dust that’s accumulated onto your shades. You can use a vacuum and the hose brush attachment. In a horizontal movement, swipe the vacuum brush across the cell, following the direction of the shades. This will loosen up dust and dirt, and prevent fabric from being crumpled out of shape. You can also use a lint roller for more stubborn dust.
  2. For spot cleaning, spray an all-purpose cleaner onto a clean dry cloth and wipe the soiled area of the blind. Never spray the cleaner directly onto the blind.
  3. To clean metal and vinyl blinds, follow this method: Take the blinds outside to your patio or driveway and lay them on a small rug or piece of carpet. Put a few drops of dishwashing soap in a bucket of water. Wet a car-washing brush and brush the blinds from side to side, and then turn them over and brush the other side. Rinse the blinds gently with a garden hose while tilting them so that the water runs off.
  4. Use a rubber sponge, also known as a dry sponge, to remove dust and residue from both fabric and vinyl blinds. Simply wipe the dry sponge firmly across the blinds.

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