Benefits of Wood Blinds

There are several types of blind options however one of the most durable option is wood blinds. Along with being durable, wood blinds are easily maintained and allow you to easily control the lighting coming in to your property.

Blocking Out Light

Wooden blinds are made from wooden slats that stack together when the blind is raised and they generally are attached to a string that allows adjustment of light entering your room even when the blinds are fully lowered. This is done by adjusting the angle of the slats: when the slats are angled down they block out sunlight but if they are horizontally facing each other more light is allowed to enter.

Easily Cleaned

Even though wood blinds may be very prone to dust, it is very easy to clean. Wooden blinds have the advantage of being solid and since their slats can be angled downwards, you can just wipe the slats with a damp cloth. However you have to be sure to dry them off otherwise the moisture may ruin the wooden blinds.


Even though blinds are typically used to block out the sun, wood blinds also give you a sense of style in your home. When you have a luxurious or elegant style, wooden blinds are the best option because plastic blinds may cheapen your interior decoration. if you are going to redecorate a room you can easily change their look by staining or re-varnishing wooden blinds

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