Everything You Need To Know About Shutters & Solar Screens

Shutters add dramatic décor while shutting out or letting in sunlight. It would be a shame if the tiniest little thing interfered with this beauty.

And that’s what happens. Those tiny little things are dust motes. Yes, common house dust.

It’s an allergen, it’s annoying, and it really becomes distracting when the sun pours through the windows to highlight its presence. Dusty blinds contribute to this air show of floating particles.

It’s about the easiest problem to control. Because shutters are so easy to clean and do not require a ton of care, you need only a few minutes to handle this chore.

For wood blinds, a soft cloth with a spritz of furniture polish on it will return the blinds to their shiny, pristine state. Why this recommendation? Because you want to keep water, which may cause warpage, away from wood blinds.

Aluminum, plastic, and faux wood blinds, on the other hand, can be wiped with a wet cloth. It will not harm them. Water with a bit of dish detergent will be an effective cleaning tool – just dry the blinds afterward.

Shutters from Nu-View Custom Window Treatments beautify your home and require very little care. Call us today at 1-800-244-6981 to arrange for your free in-home consultation.

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