Solar Shades: Energy Efficient & Stylish Accents

The ground is thawing after winter’s usual antics. We’ll be spending good, long hours outside in the sunshine before long. Your friends at Nu-View Custom Window Treatments welcome that as much as anyone, and we want to remind you that the time is nearly here.

The time for what? The time to add some style to your living space. And what makes your room even more comfortable? A solar shade from Nu View.

We’ve been doing this work in the Chicago area and we’re darn good at it. But that’s not why we think you should have an awning. It’s why we think you should have an awning from Nu View.

What will Solar Shades do for your property?

  • Provide instant shade. Solar shades can cut the temperature indoors by up to 20 degrees. And it helps with climate control not only indoors during the summer, but can help insulate during the winter too, helping you save on energy bills as well.
  • Beautify your home’s interior property.

Contact Nu View Custom Window Treatments now. Beat the summer rush!

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