Window Treatments to Enhance your Home

Are you looking to add style and decor to your home with window treatments? Here are some window treatment options for inspiration.

Adding wood blinds to a dining room makes the space look more casual. Plus, you can tilt or pull the blinds to let in natural light. Wood alloy blinds offer both beauty and functionality by combining the warmth and richness of genuine hardwood with modern ingenuity.

Aluminum blinds are a great window treatment choice for  Chicago homes with modern decor. The aluminum is also durable, long-lasting and blocks light well. They are specially coated to reduce dust build-up. Homeowners have an endless selection of aluminum blinds that are available in extensive palette of colors, textures and finishes.

For those who are energy conscious, consider featuring a solar screen shade in the dining room or even the kitchen. Solar screen shades help protect the kitchen countertops and accessories by blocking out UV rays and heat. They also still allow a view that won’t block you from enjoying the outdoors. Solar screen shades come in a variety of densities and colors that provide solar protection, along with reduced glare and brightness on work surfaces such as televisions and computer screens. 

Cellular shade evoke a more modern feeling in various rooms throughout the home. Adding a dark-colored shade to the room breaks up the monotony of the neutral wall colors while matching the furniture. The honeycomb shape insulates the room and a subtle pattern adds interest without overwhelming a calm color palette. Double honeycomb cellular shades block 100% of harmful UV light emitted by the sun. 

Sheer horizontal window shadings are another option when it comes to blinds for your home. They combine the soft look of shades with the functionality of blinds. They are light, airy and elegant, and great for windows and doors.

For everything window treatment you need, call Nu-View Custom Window Treatments today.

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